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  • Hakko Soldering iron FM2031 handpiece only for soldering station through hole manual soldering on PCB board
  • Hakko soldering iron FM2031 conversion kit for soldering station FX951, rework station FM203 FM206 for N2 soldering pcb SMT assembly production including soldering iron holder, insulation pad, soldering iron, tip cleaning sponge, cable
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FM-2031 N2 Handpiece / Conversion Kit 230V

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The Hakko FM-2031 Nitrogen compatible Soldering Iron provides a higher mass tip with double the power of conventional tips. This iron is ideal for soldering difficult-to-solder heavy ground planes and/or high heat sink applications.

The N2 gas and preheating effect have achieved significant improvement in soldering work! N2 soldering iron providing 140W high output.

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed specifications.

Packing List
FM2031-04 Conversion Kit
N2 soldering iron FM-2031
Iron Holder with 599B FH200-01
Connecting Cable B3253
Heat Resistant Pad B2300
Instruction Manual -
FM2031-01 Soldering Iron Only
N2 soldering iron FM-2031

Preventing oxidation
The Nitrogen gas (N2) runs into the nozzle assembly and covers the soldering tip. This prevents the soldering tip and the heater from being readily oxidized and aids in preheating.

Improved wettability
A sufficiently hot soldering tip has a more efficient heat transfer, improving the solder wettability and spreadability. Heated N2 gas improves solderability, and prevents components from getting bridges when working even with lead-free solder or high-temperature solder.

Preheating effect
N2 gas assists soldering iron to heat the objects effectively. It contributes to work at lower setting temperature without spoiling work efficiency.

  • Must be used with T22 tips (not included)
  • Compatible with the Hakko FM-203 soldering station and FM-206 rework system
  • Preventing oxidation
  • Powerful thermal recovery
  • Can be used in combination with your existing high power soldering station, HAKKO FM-206 or HAKKO FM-203.
  • N2 System. Can be used in combination with the HAKKO FX-780/FX-781 and FX-791 to create an N2 System.

IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ: The FM-2031 can only be attached to the Hakko FM-203 "D" port, and the Hakko FM-206 CH2 or CH3 ports. If you attach the iron to any other port, a grip error or connector error (C-E) will occur.

Note: This unit does not include a soldering tip or a nozzle assembly. When purchasing this unit, please buy your desired soldering tip and with nozzle assembly together.

Note: Nozzle Assembly Required when using nitrogen
Nozzle assemblies are required in order to properly envelop the tip when using nitrogen. Nozzle assemblies are made to fit specific shape tips. Please choose the appropriate nozzle assembly for your tip selection based on the chart below.

Model Name FM-2031
Part No. FM2031-01 (handpiece only)
Power Consumption 140W / 24VAC
Temperature Range 200 - 500°C (400 - 930°F)
Tip to Ground Resistance <2 ohms
Handpiece Total Length (w/o cord) 231mm (9.1 in.)
Handpiece Weight (w/o cord) 47g (1.7oz)
(with 2.4D tip and Nozzle Assembly E)>
Cord 1.3m (4.3 ft.)
Tips T22 Series (not included)
Nozzle Assemblies Varies by tip (not included)

Soldering Tips

For the HAKKO FM-2031, soldering iron tips and nozzle assembly are not supplied as accessories. Please purchase "T22 Series" soldering iron tips and a compatible nozzle assembly onto the tip separately.

Shape BC/C Assembly Unit + B5178 Hose Assembly
T22-BC2 B3121 Nozzle assembly A
T22-C3 B3121 Nozzle assembly A
T22-C5 B3124 Nozzle assembly D
T22-C6 B3124 Nozzle assembly D
Shape B Assembly Unit + B5178 Hose Assembly
T22-BL B3121 Nozzle assembly A
T22-BL2 B3121 Nozzle assembly A
Shape D Assembly Unit + B5178 Hose Assembly
T22-D08 B3123 Nozzle assembly C
T22-D12 B3121 Nozzle assembly A
T22-D16 B3123 Nozzle assembly C
T22-D24 B3561 Nozzle assembly E
T22-D32 B3124 Nozzle assembly D
T22-D45 B3124 Nozzle assembly D
T22-D52 B3124 Nozzle assembly D
Shape J Assembly Unit + B5178 Hose Assembly
T22-J02 B3121 Nozzle assembly A
T22-JD08 B3561 Nozzle assembly E
Shape K Assembly Unit + B5178 Hose Assembly
T22-K B3123 Nozzle assembly C

Replacement Parts

Part Number Product Name
FM2031-04 HAKKO FM-2031 conversion kit
FM2031-01 HAKKO FM-2031
B3687 Nipple
B2578 O-ring
FH200-01 Iron holder <w/ cleaning wire>
B2791 Retaining clip
599B-02 HAKKO 599B tip cleaner
599-029 Cleaning wire
B2300 Heat resistant pad
B3253 Connecting cable
A1519 Cleaning sponge

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