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  • Hakko hot-air rework station FR811 1170W
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FR811-18 SMD Rework Station

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  • Possible to make full-scale thermal profiles with 6-zone hot air and a bottom heater.
  • Possible to measure and record temperature of components and PWB with type K thermocouple.
  • The dedicated software to link a station and a computer for easy and quick settings.
  • Easy data transfer through an USB cable

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed specifications.

Packing List
Packing List Part No.
Station with Handpiece -
Grip Stand Assembly C5033
Vacuum Pipe Control Knob (with Screw) B3023
Pads (qty 2 each of Ø3 mm, Ø5 mm, Ø7.6 mm) A1520 (3.0mm)
A1439 (5.0mm)
A1438 (7.6mm)
Software (CD-ROM) -
USB Cable -
Thermocouple B5128
Heat Resistant Pad B2300
Power Cord -
Temperature Distribution Chart -
Instructions Manual -
Shop compatible nozzles for FR-811:

*Tip/Nozzle not included. To be purchased separately

N51 Nozzles Nozzles
BGA N51-10 to N51-26
Single N51-01 to N51-04
Bent Single N51-05
Hot Air Series (Conventional)
QFP A1125B, A1262B, A1126B, A1128B, A1127B, A1261B, A1129B, A1263B, A1265B, A1203B, A1254B, A1215B, A1108B, A1181B, A1182B
SOP A1131, A1132, A1133, A1134, A1258B, A1260B, A1257B, A1259B
TSOL A1185B, A1186B, A1187B
PLCC A1188B, A1140B, A1141B, A1139B, A1135B, A1136B, A1137B, A1138B, A1189B
SOJ A1214B, A1183, A1184B
BGA A1470, A1471, A1472, A1473, A1474, A1475, A1476, A1477, A1478
Single A1124B, A1130, A1142B, A1190, A1325
SIP A1191, A1192

Introducing a high-spec hot air rework station with excellent cost performance

Possible to make full-scale thermal profiles with 6-zone hot air and a bottom heater.
FR-811 can provide 6 zones in which temperature, time, and air flow are controlled. This gives a full-scale thermal profile which is close to reflow profiles made by a reflow oven.

Record thermal data
By connecting a thermocouple included with FR-811, the temperature of the component or circuit board can be measured and recorded. In addition, if "TC LINK" is set, the heater output can be automatically controlled so that the temperature of the thermocouple attached to the component or circuit board follows the set profile.

Operation on a PC for various settings
By connecting FR-811 and a computer with a USB cable and using the dedicated software which comes as standard, a set thermal profile and actual temperature change can be shown in a graph in real time. Also, change of thermal profile and fine adjustment in a profile can be made on a computer operation. (After making changes, it is necessary to resend the data to FR-811.) In addition, the set values and graph can be saved in csv format.

Linked operation with bottom heater
FR-811 can control on/off timing and output of the bottom heater, which is available as an optional add-on.

High power and large volume hot air for quick removal of components

New user friendly functions for SMD rework

New type of nozzles for improving temperature characteristics

The new nozzles improve work efficiency with uniform heating by hot air convection inside the nozzle which is created due to vents on the nozzle top. (Only with BGA nozzles)

Vacuum pickup function
The vacuum pickup function is to pick up a component with a suction pad and vacuum.
It will pick a component only after the hot air melts solder joints. This prevents removing a component with excessive force, which may damage the PCB.

Pickup indicator
By pre-setting pickup function, a component can be picked up automatically when solder is melted. There is also an indication to show when the component has been picked up. Even for components and solder joints that are covered by the nozzle, the FR-811 makes it easy and safe for pick up.

Interface designed for intuitive operation

Easy-to-read LCD
A high-visibility LCD display makes it easy to check the various product settings or operation status. Indications are displayed using graphics as well as letters and numbers so information can be checked intuitively.

Easy-to-operate multi-direction control knob
There are several ways of knob movements, dialing, pressing, and tilting up and down and left to right for quick operation and easy changing of settings.

Link to a PC (A USB I/F terminal available)
A USB I/F terminal is available to link to a computer. The dedicated software, which can display and record various settings or temperature data on a computer screen in real time, is included.

A USB device terminal for easy data transfer
Data can be transferred through a USB memory even without a computer.

Use conventional HAKKO nozzles
Align the projection part and attach the conventional nozzle to the heater pipe.
*The heater pipe of HAKKO FR-810 (discontinued) has two projection parts. In order to use the conventional nozzle, put the conversion adaptor on the heater pipe that was included in your purchased HAKKO FR-810 as one of standard accessories.

Simple nozzle removal and easy maintenance
Nozzle can be changed quickly when working with a wide range of components. Conventional HAKKO nozzles can be used by using a special conversion adapter (option).
Heater replacement is also simple.

Timer function
Timer function is to control the time of operation.
This can help to prevent parts from overheating and can improve the overall quality of rework.

Chain presets function for making a simple thermal profile
The chain presets function is to make a simple thermal profile by combining several preset conditions. (Up to 5 steps)
This can improve work efficiency a lot by standardizing work time, avoiding overheating, improving repeatability of operation, and making difficult rework jobs easy.

Auto sleep and auto shutoff features
To ensure safety and conserve power, when the handpiece is placed in the handpiece holder, the auto sleep function will be activated and it will start cooling automatically. If the handpiece has not been removed from the handpiece holder (e.g. Using it in a rework fixture) and it has been idle for 30 minutes, auto shutoff function will be activated. It will be automatically powered off. Access to settings can be restricted by the password function.



  • Power consumption AC230V:1,200W
  • Temperature range 50 to 600℃
  • Power consumption 30W
  • Air flow 001-100% ( 5 to 115L/min. )
  • Dimensions 160(W)×145(H)×220(D)mm
  • Weight 1.5kg

Handpiece (Hot air)

  • Power consumption AC230V:1,170W
  • Total length 250mm
  • Weight 180g
  • *Total length and weight for handpiece are measured without cord.
  • *Airflow capacity is rated as free flowing. Restrictions created by various nozzles may reduce the maximum airflow capacity.
    Part No. Product
    A1438 Pad (7.6mm dia, 5pc)
    A1439 Pad (5.0mm dia, 5pc)
    A1520 Pad (3.0mm dia, 5pc)
    B3023 Vacuum pipe control knob (L) with screw
    B2300 Heat Resistant Pad
    B5128 Thermocouple with 0.2mm dia connector
    B5129 USB Cable 1m
    A5024 Heating Element (220-240V)
    B5045 Pipe
    B5049 Mica with heat protection sleeve
    C5033 Grip Stand Assembly

    Optional Parts

    Part No. Product
    B5048 Iron Holder
    B5127 Thermocouple with 0.1mm dia connecter
    B5130 Heat Resistant Tape (100 qty)
    C5027 Board Holder
    B5098 Board Clip
    B5136 Board Support Unit
    B5137 Rubber Foot
    C5028 Grip Fixture M (with hexagon wrench, o-ring, tray)
    C5029 Grip Fixture L (with hexagon wrench, o-ring)
    A5027 Slide Gear
    B5138 Positioning Unit
    B5139 Tray
    B5140 Tray Assembly
    C5025 Bottom Heater for FR-811 (230V)

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