Differences between Hakko Soldering Iron FM-2027 and FM-2028

Hakko FM-2027 VS FM-2028

While the Hakko FM-2027 and Hakko FM-2028 soldering irons look similar, they are different in appearance and function. 

Combination of Handpieces and Soldering Tips (For South East Asia)

FM-2027 FM-2028
FM-202  T7 Series* / T12 Series △2 T7 Series* / T12 Series
FM-203 ◎ T12 Series △2 T12 Series
FM-204 ○ T12 Series △2 T12 Series
FM-206 ◎ T12 Series △2 T12 Series
FX-950 △1 T12 Series ◎ T12 Series
FX-951 △1 T12 Series ◎ T12 Series
FX-952 △1 T12 Series ◎ T12 Series

◎ : Standard Product
○ : Applicable Optional Product
△1 : Applicable, however, the LED on FM-2027 stays lit.
△2 : Applicable, however, as FM-2028 is not equipped with LED, it is impossible to see the operation status.
* It is also possible to use T12, but the parameters must be changed since temperature correction using a barcode is not available in this combination.

Differences in Appearance

The color of the part incorporated in the connector assembly differs from each other. FM-2027 has a transparent stripe while FM-2028 has a yellow stripe.

FM-2027 VS FM-2028

Differences in Function

The FM-2027 has a function that indicates the operating status by lighting the LED incorporated in the upper part of the connector assembly (transparent part) in red. On the other hand, the HAKKO FM-2028 does not have this LED.

To use the functions of the HAKKO FM-2027, it must be connected with the HAKKO FM-202, HAKKO FM-203, HAKKO FM-204 or HAKKO FM-206.
The HAKKO FM-2027 can be also used together with the HAKKO FX-951 and HAKKO FX-952, but in this case the LED stays lit irrespective of operating status.

Differences between T7 and T12 Series Tips

Differences in Appearance

The T7 Series soldering tip has a bar code at the bottom of the tip, while the T12 Series does not.

T7 Series vs T12 Series Soldering Tip

Differences in Usage

The T7 Series tips are the soldering tips for the FM-202. The barcode used for the temperature correction is taped on the T7 Series tips. When this barcode passes through the process gate of the HAKKO FM-202, the tip temperature is corrected by ±10°C. T12 Series tips do not have a barcode and therefore cannot be used with the temperature correction function of the HAKKO FM-202.

Using T12 Series Soldering tip with Hakko FM-202

HAKKO FM-202 will not operate normally unless it reads the barcode on the tip. For this reason, the T7 Series tips, which have the barcode, are usually used with the HAKKO FM-202. However, the T12 Series tips can also be used with the HAKKO FM-202 by turning the temperature correction function OFF and using the offset function.

Step 1: Turn off the barcode-driven tip temperature correction function

  1. Insert the card
  2. Press the "#" and "▼" buttons simultaneously, and turn on the power to display the following:
    FM-202 Display
    "t" denotes the barcode correction value.
    "0" denotes the offset correction value.
  3. Press " ▼ " or " ▲ " and select " 5 0 ".
  4. Press " * " several times until the station returns to normal operation mode.

Step 2: Input the offset value for the tip temperature

  1. Measure the tip temperature.
  2. Check the differences between the set temperature and the tip temperature, and then input an offset value.

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